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Prerequisite Courses
The following courses with a C grade or higher from another nationally or regionally accredited institution must be completed to be considered for the program. These program Prerequisite and General Education Courses include the course numbers and titles from the Florida College/University System for the student’s ease in transfer.

General Education: (15 credits)
Course Name     


MAC 1105 College Algebra     

ENC 1101 English Composition     

PSY 2012 Psychology     

Humanities    (Elective in Art, Literature or Music)


Pre-requisites (11 credits)

Course Name 

HSC 1000 Introduction to Health Care*     


BSC 2085 Anatomy & Physiology I    

BSC 2085L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab    

BSC 2086 Anatomy & Physiology II    

BSC 2086L Anatomy & Physiology II Lab    

CGS 1100 Micro-Computers

*This course may be taken in high school.