Message from the Dean

The educational philosophy of the Bethesda College of Health Sciences reflects the confidence that each student has the ability to learn and that each student learns at their own pace. Early in the program, students are encouraged to become more mindful of their learning style and learning needs, so that faculty can facilitate their progress. The faculty is committed to each student’s success, as each student holds an equal stake in the positive outcomes of their learning experience. 

Just as the staff upholds an environment of caring and respect for every patient, the faculty will reflect this same philosophy and value system among its students. The faculty is fully dedicated to motivating, engaging and involving our students in their learning by applying learned concepts and ideas to real clinical experiences. We celebrate student diversity, variety and technology in teaching, and promote a learning environment that fosters understanding of all of the aspects associated with becoming thoughtful, competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

                                                                                   ~Amanda Murphy, RN, MSN