College Objectives
To prepare competent and caring health professionals by bridging the gap between education and practice disciplines.

Supporting Objectives
To achieve its mission, the College has established the following supportive objectives:
  • Retain highly qualified professionals to provide superior instruction in the academic programs offered by Bethesda College;
  • Equip students with the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to sit for any State or national licensing examination or certifications that may be required to obtain entry-level employment in the field of nursing or radiography;
  • Promote a sense of cooperation and team building as an essential aspect of the medical and health professions;
  • Foster and maintain relationships with potential employers and professionals to create more employment opportunities for Bethesda graduates; and,
  • Encourage and instill in students the importance of continuing education for professional development and career advancement. 
Educational Objectives
Upon completion of their academic programs, graduates will be able to: 
  • Utilize the academic and experiential foundation gained to foster successful completion of the licensing examinations specific to their discipline;
  • Provide caring, safe, and effective professional health care to individuals and families;
  • Engage others in therapeutic and collaborative discourse for the benefit of patient outcomes;
  • Integrate knowledge of biological and behavioral sciences into evidence-based practices into providing competent, compassionate healthcare;
  • Blend values, ethics, and legal principles with critical thinking into making decisions;
  • Support organizational goals through effective use of human and fiscal resources;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to professional practice through patient advocacy, professional activism and life-long learning.